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The Right Remedy for Terry Schiavo

The Right Remedy for Terry Schiavo



Terri suffered a traumatic event in 1990 that left her disabled.  She cannot speak, write, or walk.  She requires a feeding tube for nutrition.  However, she smiles, follows objects with her eyes, responds to music, and can move parts of her body when asked.  On her website, http://www.terrisfight.org/, you can even watch a video of her face lighting up when her mother walks in the room!  The story is tragic, but Terri is alive, and for this her family is grateful.


Most of Terri’s family, that is.  Terri’s husband wants her dead.  He filed suit against the hospital and won a 1.2 million dollar verdict, with $750,000 dedicated to Terri’s rehabilitation.  Within a couple of years, however, Mike Schiavo discovered more pleasurable ways to spend the loot.  He got “engaged” to marry another women with whom he had two children by adultery.  Meanwhile, he’s denied health care to his wife – no antibiotics, dental work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy for years.  A nurse has testified under oath that when she called to update him on his wife, he said, “When is that b-tch going to die?!” 


The standard of care has obviously been denied to Terri for malicious reasons.  Mike Schiavo can’t divorce his wife to marry the adulteress he’s been sleeping with without losing the money, so he filed with the Pinellas County court in Florida for permission to remove Terri’s feeding tube.  After years of spending most of the jury award to pay for attorney’s fees and expert witnesses to fight Terri’s blood family who want her to live, he found a Judge willing to serve as his accomplice.  Over the years, Judge George Greer has issued over 60 judgments against Terri, including denying her a swallowing test and other tests, visitation from loved ones, and he has even denied her parents an opportunity to photograph her.  In keeping with his tradition of abuse, Judge Greer has ordered that Terri’s feeding tube be removed at 2 p.m. on October 15.  Thereafter, she will be denied the opportunity to have her mother try to feed her with a spoon because, “she might choke to death.” 


One can only wonder how Judge Greer and Mr. Schiavo can do this in Florida to a handicapped woman who is loved and wants to live while Jack Kevorkian was imprisoned doing this in Michigan to a handicapped person who wanted to die.  If Terri dies, Mike Schiavo and his accomplices, which include Judge Greer and the Florida and U.S. Supreme Court who refused to hear Terri’s case, need to be tried for premeditated murder by a jury of handicapped citizens. 


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