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The Right Remedy for RU486 Users

                            The Right Remedy for RU486 Victims

She was blond, beautiful, eighteen years of age, fresh out of high school, and ready to conquer the world.  She wouldn’t let an unexpected pregnancy interfere with her plans.  The Planned Parenthood clinic in Hayward, California, had just the thing for what ailed her: RU486, also known as mifepristone.  One 600 mg pill, followed by a dose of vaginal misoprostol at home to expel the little dead nuisance, and, presto, Holly Patterson’s little problem would be eliminated!

At least, that’s what Holly was told.  But when the severe pain and bleeding started, she couldn’t get to the ER in time.  Her uterus had failed to expel the body parts of the baby she had killed with the human pesticide.  The rotting carcass of her baby caused a severe infection and she died of septic shock.  Holly’s grieving father first learned of his dead grandchild at the bedside of his dying daughter.

Holly’s not the first to succumb to RU486.  European studies showed that the drug caused cramping and bleeding and often led to serious complications for the mother.  On September 12, 2001, a 38-year-old woman died from septic shock after RU486 administration.  All from a drug the FDA called “safe” after an expedited screening process in 2000 under pressure from the Clinton administration.  

RU486 administration isn’t the only abortion procedure that’s resulted in unintended deaths.  Hundreds of mothers have died unexpectedly during an abortion (www.priestsforlife.org/brochures/maternaldeaths.html, www.roevwade.org/unsafe.html).   Latachie Veal, 17, hemorrhaged to death after an abortion in St. Louis.  Sharon Hampton, 27, of Barstow, California, died after her uterus was punctured by her abortionist, Bruce Steir.  Mary Pena, a 43-year-old mother of five, died after she underwent a second-trimester abortion in a Los Angeles hospital.  Lou Anne Herron bled out on the table at the A-Z Women’s Center in Phoenix – the abortionist Joel Biskind didn’t want to be bothered with dropping blood pressures in hemorrhaging patients so he told the nursing staff to “dial 911” and he returned to his lunch. 

An elective abortion also increases the future risk of breast cancer (www.abortionbreastcancer.com), depression (www.afterabortion.org), suicide, infertility, miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.  I have had many female patients with psychological problems whose symptoms could be traced back to their abortion.  Post Abortion Syndrome, a type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, may not manifest for years after the initial abortion.  Not only is abortion harmful for the preborn victims, but it’s unhealthy for the mothers as well.

Call me heartless, but I have little sympathy for parents who die while trying to kill their child.  It’s good that child-killing becomes risky business.  If more people died while trying to kill kids, then maybe less people would be about the business of killing kids!  If they don’t fear God enough to love their children, perhaps parents will fear death enough not to kill them.

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