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The Right Remedy for Religious Extremist Judges

The Right Remedy for Religious Extremist Judges


This week, Judge Roy Moore’s monument of the Ten Commandments has finally been uprooted.   The ACLU’s victory in their assault against Christianity was solidified with his suspension as Chief Justice.  As stirring as the drama has become, this battle is largely symbolism over substance.  Assume the U.S. Supreme Court agrees with Moore’s case, democracy is restored in Alabama, Moore gets his job back, and the Ten Commandments are allowed back into the Court rotunda.  Will Alabama still violate them?  That is the primary issue for God.  It is not enough that monuments to God’s law be erected in our halls of governance and restored to the halls of our public schools - they must be in our hearts. 


It is unfortunate that the eight remaining Supreme Court justices, Attorney General Bill Pryor, and Alabama’s Governor Bob Riley have been intimidated into enforcing the unlawful order to remove the monument.  Though they each have publicly affirmed the constitutionality of the monument, by enforcing the immoral order they have betrayed not only Roy Moore, but God Almighty, His law, Alabama’s Christians, our nation’s Christian heritage and our Constitution.  Their vacuous rhetoric in defense of the Ten Commandments cannot remedy this grave wrong.


Just a cursory study of American history proves “the separation of church and state” to be a myth.  Earlier Supreme Courts and Congresses acknowledged that this nation and its public institutions were emphatically Christian.  Roy Moore has done nothing contrary to the First Amendment as the signers of the Constitution intended it.  It has been the religious extremists of the left that have violated the Constitution, not Roy Moore.  They labor not so much to purge the public square of religion but to replace Christianity with their own religion, atheistic humanism.  The First Amendment, like the First Commandment, actually forbids the Federal government from violating Alabama’s right and obligation to acknowledge God.


If I were Governor of Alabama, I’d commission the State Guard to protect that monument with force if necessary.  But this, representing my commitment to the principles of the Commandments rather than simply a sentimental defense of a stone monument symbolizing them, would be accompanied by an order for the Guard to immediately close down every abortion clinic in Alabama and for the Attorney General to see to it that every abortionist is prosecuted for mass murder.  Protecting the innocent from murder and punishing murderers is more important than defending the words, “Thou shalt not murder,” etched in lifeless granite.  The symbolism of defending that monument from liberal judicial activists is meaningless if it does not represent a fundamental change of mind to obey that sacred law in defiance of brutal tyranny. 

(August 28, 2003)

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