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The Right Remedy for Judicial Tyranny - Pt.2

The Right Remedy for Judicial Tyranny - Pt. 2

Tyranny, noun, 1. the cruel and arbitrary use of authority


                Judicial tyranny?  An overstatement?  You decide.

Last week, Florida’s Supreme Court struck down a 1999 law that required parents to be informed before their minor daughter obtained an abortion.  What parent doesn’t want to know that their fourteen-year-old daughter’s going to be sedated for surgery, scarred for life, and their grandchild aborted?  The 5-1 majority said in their ruling that the will of the citizens violated the “privacy rights” of pregnant teenagers.  They followed the Supreme Court precedent for irrationality: the Court in Roe vs. Wade cited “the right to privacy” to condemn all restrictions against intrauterine child-killing in all fifty states. 

The citizens of Franklin County erected monuments of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of its high schools.  Of course, an atheist could never get a democratic majority of the county’s citizens to vote to remove the monuments, but he doesn’t need to bother with sympathetic bench-legislators on the loose.  Thousands of citizens who rallied for the monuments did not dissuade the Federal government from uprooting them in June.  With the help of the ACLU and a court order signed by Judge Timothy Hogan, the will of the people was overruled. 

Judge Roy Moore has been ordered by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to remove his 5,300 pound monument of the Ten Commandments from his court building.  He refuses, saying, “A federal court has no jurisdiction to tell us that we cannot acknowledge God.”  77% of Alabama citizens polled “strongly approve” or “approve” of the monument.

Most Americans are against homosexual marriage, but the Supreme Court in Lawrence vs. Texas overruled state restrictions against consensual sex, setting the stage for homosexual marriage.  A highly anticipated ruling is due any day now by Massachusetts’ highest Court that may make Massachusetts the first state to recognize homosexual marriage.

Thankfully, the Constitution still says that the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction can be limited by Congress: the Court may rule “as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.”  Congress can, for instance, pass a Human Life Amendment that outlaws all killing of innocent human beings and they can forbid the Court to rule on abortion.  The buck stops not with Congress, however, but with us, for we are responsible for the leaders we elect.  Most of the justices on this Supreme Court were appointed by “conservative” Republicans!  Now, by judicial fiat, our offspring are slaughtered, our monuments desecrated, our Christian heritage revised, our religion defiled, our state and national constitutions usurped, and atheistic humanism has been shoved down our throats.  We’ve reaped what we’ve sown.  Repentance is long overdue. 

(July 2003)

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