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The Right Remedy for Impotent GOP Gerrymanderers

The Right Remedy for Impotent GOP Gerrymanderers 

You’ve got to admire the dedication of those liberals!  Eleven Democratic Texas Senators high-tailed it from Austin to Albuquerque this month in order to shut down the GOP-dominated Senate’s attempt to redistrict the state.  The redistricting would add a minimum of five new Republicans to the U.S. House next year, but without the presence of these eleven, the Texas Republicans are impotent to act on the redistricting.  This is the second exodus of Texas liberals this year.  In May, 55 Democrats in the Texas House fled to Oklahoma.  Texas liberals are fleeing the Alamo to salvage power!

Camped out in front of the Albuquerque Marriot are state highway patrolmen under strict orders from New Mexico’s Governor to protect Texas’ “political heroes” from the bounty hunters hired to drag them back to their duties.  Now that’s dedication! 

No less impressive is the dedication of the U.S. Senate liberals who are flushing Bush’s pro-life nominees faster than you can say, “Daschle kills babies.”  Add Bill Pryor, Alabama’s Attorney General, to the list of judicial nominees the Democrats are filibustering.  His public proclamation that Roe v. Wade was the most abominable decision in the history of the Court and has resulted in the slaughter of millions of innocent babies did not pass their pro-abortion “litmus test.”  He joins Priscilla Owens and Miguel Estrada, who also wouldn't capitulate to one of the principle tenets of liberal dogma, the right to kill innocent human beings. 

The Democrats are admirable in their dedication to their cause, and it is unfortunate that conservatives are not at least equally committed to the principles of righteousness and liberty.  The liberals are more dedicated to sodomy than conservatives are to the traditional family, so we have a “gay public school” in New York this fall.  The liberals are more dedicated to socialistic wealth redistribution than the conservatives are to liberty and the God-given right to enjoy the fruits of one's labor, so unconstitutional government spending rises and the death tax and the marriage penalty remain.  The liberals are more dedicated to open borders than the conservatives are to stopping the influx of terrorists and criminals, so two million aliens flood into our country annually and the party in power’s proposing amnesty.  The liberals are more dedicated to getting guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens than the conservatives are to lessening crime and defending the second amendment, so Bush is backing the Clintonian gun ban and Ohio’s legislature lets one more year pass without a good concealed-carry bill.  The liberals are more dedicated to killing preborn babies than the conservatives are to saving them, so 4,000 will die today and the American Holocaust continues, unimpeded by abounding pro-life rhetoric. 

We need a new brand of “conservative” who will represent God and His people, who will imitate the liberals in their political fervency yet direct that energy in the direction God wills.  The political lines need to be redrawn for the sake of righteousness and liberty and the victory pursued at all costs – we have a cause worth dying for that brings peace, they have a cause that kills and brings judgment. 

(August 2003)

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