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The Right Remedy for Dying Kids in Daycare

  The Right Remedy for Dying Kids in Daycare

You’ve heard the nightmare headlines this summer that give every parent chills: in Nashville, a 22-month-old died after being abandoned by his mother outside the Small Wonders Daycare Center she directed.  A 2-year-old girl died after being left in a van outside the Children’s Rainbow Learning Center in Memphis, Tennessee, where eight have died in daycare vans since 1997.  It happened in Orlando, Dallas and Austin, Texas, Lancaster, California – all at daycares.   What is it about daycares and dying kids?


Perhaps the common denominator is parents that treat their children as disposable nuisances.  Certainly, not all parents who leave their kids in daycare are careless, but too many could care less about their kids.  In a nation where one out of every three babies ends up in an abortionist’s trash can and where survivors commonly see Barney, Dora the Explora, Spongebob Squarepants, the daycare worker, or the public school teacher more than Mom and Dad, why be surprised when the “liberated” tubal-ligated career-woman abandons her kids in her SUV on a hot, summer day?  She has abandoned them all her life!


A Family Research Council book entitled “Day Care Deception: What the Child Care Establishment Isn't Telling Us” exposes the subterfuge of the daycare establishment’s attempt to sell “early childhood education” to the public as ideal for children, in spite of the fact that studies show that pre-school programs such as Head Start do not improve a child’s performance in school.  Oblivious, liberals such as Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy labor to get children out of the home into government programs at earlier and earlier ages.  The daycare establishment conceals from the public the evidence that daycare harms children.  In July, for instance, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development released a study that found that the more time children spent in daycare, the more likely they were to display aggression, disobedience, and conflict with adults.  These findings were swept under the rug in the Institute’s press release, however.


God has designed that parents be the chief caregivers and educators of their children.  In Deuteronomy 6:7, God mandates that parents “teach (God’s commandments) diligently unto thy children, and thou shalt talk of them (God’s commandments) when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”  This, parents cannot do if they have shipped their kids off to the local daycare “for the love of money.”  Don’t forsake your children - the only earthly possessions you can take to heaven with you - for the temporary crumbs of career and possessions.  Your love, discipline, and training will be their life, and your neglect, their death.

Sept., 2003

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