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Violence Breaks Out at Columbus Gay Pride Events, June 2003

Violence breaks out at Gay Pride Parade


Thank God for irritable bowel syndrome!!!


When I arrived at the First Congregationalist Church in downtown, Columbus, Ohio, where the homosexuals were gathering for church and celebration, well, I had to go.  I was not wearing a very radical shirt, and so I walked right past the brothers on the sidewalk into the church.  I politely took the bulletin and asked for directions to the bathroom.


It was one of those century-old pristine chapels with the stained glass ceilings.  To get to the bathroom, I had to go inside the auditorium, past all of the homosexuals and homophiles, and through a door next to the stage.  They were singing Charles Wesley as I whisked past.  Once in the bathroom, the Spirit began to speak to me and my heart began to pound. 

“You’re not going to walk past all those abominable sinners in this apostate church and not say anything, are you?  Be my oracle!  Defend my honor!  Prophesy my wrath!”


“Oh, God, do I have to?  I could have patients in there!  I’m a physician – I could get arrested!  My picture’d be in the paper as the homophobe of the year…”


The Spirit was insistent.  I waited until the singing stopped, and then I marched into the church of four hundred, pronouncing: “Abomination!  Abomination!  Abomination!!!!  Prepare for the wrath of God!!!” and the like, all the way down the aisle!  The congregation was stunned and sat silent as I reproved them.  The only homosexual who screamed back at me was Eric, a former Pentecostal minister who was now a practicing homosexual and vile, foul sinner, who heckles preachers regularly in Columbus.  He is the foulest man I have ever met, and is actually the only person my wife has ever felt physically threatened by as she preached.  (I actually took this man to lunch after a gay pride parade two years ago, in order to call him to repentance in a more personal setting.)  When I reached the back of the church, a security guard with trembling lips escorted me from the facility.


I was so pumped by the opportunity to prophesy doom upon that apostate bunch of perverts that I was motivated to pay another young preacher to do the same.  A young preacher named Christian from Mark Hines’ church in Frankfurt, Kentucky, put away his sign, went to his car, put on a hat, untucked his shirt, and stomped over to the church rebuking the “hatemongers” for their “homophobia”.  He was going undercover so that he could get inside the church to rebuke them firsthand!  He violently knocked over a “repent or perish” sign of a brother, and, unaware of the conspiracy against the homophilic church, Dan Holman from Iowa rushed to the undercover brother and told him with fists raised, “Hey!  Why don’t you pick on someone your own size!!!” 


Tempers flared, and those who knew what the undercover brother was doing laughed as the lesbians stood between him and the angry protester and led the undercover brother through the foyer and into the church.  We tried hard not to laugh as they patted him on the back, comforting him with the love of God in the midst of such hatemongering on the sidewalk.  In the middle of the lesbian’s sermon, he shocked them all when he stood up and began to rebuke them for their perversion.  He was promptly dragged from the building!


Brothers came from Michigan, California, and Kentucky to preach at the Gay Pride Parade later that day in Columbus.  Thousands were reproved and God’s Word was upheld.  An entourage went to Chicago to preach there on Sunday.  The Chicago officers limited our freedoms considerably.


Tom Meyer and his family joined my family at the Fourth of July celebration in Heath, Ohio.  We held up signs that read Proverbs 28:13, and we passed out close to a thousand Chick tracts. 


The next day we ventured to the annual “Red, White, and Boom” celebration in Columbus, Ohio, and we preached the law and the Gospel to thousands.  Several hundreds of thousands of people were present for the incredible fireworks display that evening.  With great liberty, we marched most of the parade route, preaching to thousands lining the sidewalk, warning of judgment against America.  I carried a sign that read “God is angry with the wicked everyday” on one side and “Repent or perish” on the other, while Tom and his children carried large posters of aborted babies.  It was a good combination.  The posters served as a “haunting indictment” upon Columbus for the thousands of babies killed at their abortion mills annually.  We warned them that unless they repent for their murder of the unborn, then they would burn in hell forever and our nation is doomed to suffer terrorism, plague, economic depression, and, if we continue to spurn His Word, utter destruction.  The Bible says that if a man turns his ear from hearing the law of God, then his prayers (his “God-bless-America”s) are an abomination to God.


After marching around and preaching with a megaphone for hours, the crowd grew very thick.  It was then that we stopped on a sidewalk and, with a little elevation, began a very lively meeting with passersby who would gather to listen.  It was quite profitable.  The officers threatened to arrest us if we didn’t put away the pictures of the murder victims, and we informed them that they were protected speech according to the courts.  When they saw that we would not be intimidated, they told us that they would disperse the crowds instead.  We told the crowd on the megaphone that they didn’t have to leave, that they were not breaking any laws and that the officers would not arrest them.  When all was said and done, the officers helped gather a crowd and were a part of it for a good part of the day, and for that we were we thankful.  We went out of our way to thank the officers – especially the ones who were most vehemently against us - for doing a good job in protecting our rights and not arresting us.


My seven-month pregnant wife tripped and fell, and as I tended to her (she’s fine), the Meyers and I got separated.  He preached for as long as he could, but the traffic soon was standing room only, and guess who showed up to scream obscenities in his ears for one and a half hours?  Eric, the Pentecostal preacher turned sodomite.  A state congressional aid informed me last week that Eric showed up at a Columbus City Council meeting ranting and raving about the hoard of “Bible-banging Jesus-Nazis” that busted up their sweet little church service.  Praise the Lord!  Pray for his conversion.


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