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The Right Remedy for Homophobia

The Right Remedy for Homophobia

It’s a very intimidating world out there for Bible-believers right now.  Just ask Sen. Santorum, who echoed Supreme Court precedent with regard to a state’s right to sanction homosexual sex, calling sodomite sexual acts “deviant”.  Just ask Jerry Thacker, the Christian who acquired AIDS from his transfusion-infected wife (his wife and baby have died from the disease) and was appointed onto the Presidential Advisory Panel for HIV/AIDs.  He resigned after sodomite activists raised cain about him calling AIDS a “gay plague” and referring to homosexuals as practicing not an alternative lifestyle but an “alternative deathstyle” with Christianity as the only cure. 

The most frightening thing was how Santorum and Thacker stood all alone.  The “pro-family” advocates in Congress were silent, stiff with phobia.  George Bush publicly disowned Mr. Thacker, saying through Ari Fleischer that Thacker’s views are “far, far removed from what the President believes”, and he's proven that by appointing more proponents of homosexual marriage to government positions han even Clinton (a remarkable feat!).  The Republican leadership was too busy preaching tolerance and meeting with the sodomites in the Human Rights Campaign than to uphold natural marriage and defend Santorum from the rabid attack of the intolerant homophiles in the media.  Even the Christian church has been bludgeoned into silence or seduced into complicity by the left. 

Listen, my fellow Bible-believers.  You're going to be called a hate-mongering, homophobic bigot regardless of whether or not you try to be nice.  The message that God can bless is “Thus saith the Lord,” spoken with love and boldness, without apology or fear!  God’s Word on this matter is unambiguous: see Romans 1:16-32, I Corinthians 6:9-11, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and see my track “Convincing Reasons Homosexuals are Hellbound” at www.wherethetruthhurts.org. 

God is the most loving being in the world, and He lovingly outlawed homosexuality in His criminal justice system.  Have you ever noticed that Saudi Arabia doesn’t have an “AIDS crisis”?  They are more loving to homosexuals than America is, because they don’t tolerate it!  Homosexuality kills.  Just ask Jesse Dirkhising, Jerry Thacker, thousands of Catholic boys, Rock Hudson, Liberace, Arthur Ash, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Jeffrey Dahmer or any of the top twelve serial killers of all time (who are all homosexuals - NY Times & AP 8-15-92).  Homosexuality is a unnatural, destructive deathstyle that is “an abomination to God”.  A government that discouraged such destructive sexual deviance would be a great benefit lives of homosexuals, both temporally and eternally.  A church that stood on the solid rock of God’s Word instead of the shifting sands of humanism and pragmatism would see unprecedented victory in the battle for souls and in the culture war.  The Holy Bible has the only remedy for homosexuality: salvation through repentance and faith in Christ.  Preach it without fear!

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(June 2003) 



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