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The Right Remedy for Judicial Tyranny

The Right Remedy for Judicial Tyranny


tyranny, noun 1. the cruel and arbitrary use of authority


On July 18, hundreds of church leaders gathered outside the courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, and issued a formal Ecclesiastical Court statement holding the Supreme Court in contempt of the Court of Almighty God.  In their indictment, which can be found on Operation Save America’s website, they cited six court cases in which the Court defied the Constitution and the eternal laws of God.  Charging the Court for high treason, Flip Benham burned a copy of Roe vs. Wade on the steps of the courthouse, for which he was promptly arrested.

Of the court cases cited in the indictment, Roe has by far been the bloodiest.  As a result of this ruling and the cases wherein Roe has been judicially reinforced, our nation has become responsible for a Holocaust of 44 million innocent Americans.


Roe was the most perfect act of despotism ever conceived: with a single vote and without any consideration whatsoever of the indisputable scientific evidence for the humanity and viability of the preborn human, restrictions against abortion were overruled in all fifty states.  With the help of Roe’s companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, abortion became legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy for practically any reason whatsoever. 

Abortion-on-demand would never be legal if it came to a democratic vote.  Only tyrannical fiat can be so cruel.  The pro-abortion Center for the Advancement of Women was shocked to discover that of the top ten priorities cited by the 3,329 women polled recently, keeping abortion legal ranked dead last!  Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” of Roe vs. Wade, recently tried to sue to overturn the decision on the basis of the scientific evidence for the humanity of the preborn child and because abortion is a risk factor for breast cancer, depression, future premature births, etc.  Her suit was promptly dismissed.

Federal judges have spurned democracy, usurped the laws of nature and nature’s God, and betrayed our Constitution, which forbids deprivation of life without due process.  However, the buck stops not with the Supreme Court, but with Congress and their constituents.  The Constitution says that Congress can limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.  Congress should immediately pass a Human Life Amendment that outlaws the killing of all innocent human beings, and they should conclude it with these words: “This shall not be subject to review by the Supreme Court.” 

If abortion is not outlawed then the warning of Charlotte’s Ecclesiastical Court will be realized: “The Supreme Court of the United States of American has betrayed our God, our nation, our people, our children, and has invited the wrath of Almighty God to come upon us – all of us!”

(July 2003)

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