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The Right Remedy for Conservatives

The Right Remedy for Conservatives


With Republicans like these, who needs tax-and-spend Democrats?  In response to Ohio’s billion-dollar revenue deficit, the GOP-controlled legislature passed the largest tax-increase in Ohio’s history.  A sales tax increase, a two-cent per gallon gas tax increase, and fee hikes for hunters, fishermen, drivers - one hundred and fifty fee increases in all - went into effect last week.  In spite of the deficit, Ohioans deserve tax cuts, not hikes!  Ohio’s tax on personal income already provides 47.2% of Ohio’s general-fund revenues, whereas the national average is 35%.  Inadequate taxation is not the problem, so increasing taxation is not going to solve it.  The problem is greed and uncontrolled spending. 

It gets worse.  As if coercing more money from Ohioans to remedy the legislature’s spending problem wasn’t bad enough, they added insult to injury by increasing spending!  Their three billion dollar tax hike was dwarfed by a four billion dollar spending increase!  

Though the Ohio GOP skipped the chapter on cutting taxes in George Bush’s handbook on compassionate conservatism, they’re following his lead by increasing spending with budget deficits.  Bush is promising to sign a bill that is the largest expansion of the welfare state ever since the socialist scam was peddled to Americans: the Medicare prescription drug entitlement passed by the GOP-dominated House and Senate.  Why are Republicans increasing the overhead on a government program that is already slated for bankruptcy in the next few decades?  What are future politicians going to do, increase taxes to 85%, or 95%, in order to continue to pay for Medicare and its drug entitlement?  Do the math!  The Niagra of red ink is going to bankrupt not only Medicare, but the U.S. taxpayer, and ultimately, the U.S. government!  Haven’t we learned anything from the poverty of Cuba, the tyranny of China, and the fall of the Soviet Union?  But what do Republicans in D.C. care?  They’re going to be dead when their grandchildren reap what they’ve sown.  And at least they will have nullified the Democrats’ fear-mongering power over the voting bloc of Medicare recipients.  That’s what all this is about, after all, getting re-elected in ‘04.  It’s not about compassion or conservatism.  It’s about power in the hands of morally bankrupt Republicans. 

When wasteful spenders of other people’s money, pro-abortionists, and proponents of homosexual marriage are comfortable in the Big Tent, it’s become too big for upright conservatives.  So, excuse me while I push my long, gray beard to the side, extend my shepherd’s staff toward Taft and Bush and say, “Let my people go!”  Join the exodus of conservatives to the only 100% pro-life, fiscally responsible, constitutionally restrained political party.  Dial 1-877-220-0398 or visit the Constitution Party of Ohio on-line.

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June, 2003 


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