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The Right Remedy on Partial Birth Abortion

The Right Remedy for the Partial
Birth Abortion

Has it ever occurred to you that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban won’t save a single life?  Millions of dollars have been spent, millions of Emails have been sent, and hundreds of thousands have lent their time and energy for this one purpose: to outlaw  partial birth abortion (the dilatation and extraction procedure).  We’ve fought a long, hard battle that it appears we might win, now that both the House and the Senate have passed bans and Bush promises to sign one, but the battle won is a worthless one.

Should partial birth abortion be legal?  Of course not!  In this “procedure”, the physician pulls the late-term fetus (that’s latin for “baby) down feet first, then with all of her body outside the womb save the head, he punctures a hole in the back of her skull and inserts a suction instruments that evacuates her brains.  It’s cold-blooded murder, so cruel and inhumane that even the A.M.A. and many Democrats are against it!  Only the most fanatical pro-choicers have the audacity to wield lies to defend this barbaric form of infanticide.

Though this killing technique is indeed brutal to the observer, other late-term abortion procedures are no less brutal to the unborn patient.  Outlawing this procedure alone means that the same babies will be killed by arguably more painful procedures, such as the dilatation and evacuation procedure, where rather than a quick death with a stab to the back of the skull, the child is slowly torn limb from limb.  A ban on all late-term abortion might have saved some lives, but this is a waste.  How inept has the pro-life movement become that we work so hard on legislation that won’t save lives?  If we’re going to continue defend candidates who call themselves “pro-life” because they endorse worthless legislation, yet they defend abortion in cases of rape and incest, they don’t want to overturn Roe versus Wade, and they appoint pro-choice-to-kill judges as Governor and promise not to apply a pro-life “litmus test” to future Federal nominations, then we’re as stupid as the left says we are!  With pro-life friends like President Bush, who needs pro-choice enemies?

God’s Word says that all unavenged bloodshed brings a curse on the land.  The blood of Abel, the first murder victim, cried up out of the ground into the ears of God, and God cursed Cain, the first murderer, as a result (Gen.4).  If the murder of one innocent man merited Heaven’s curse, what must God’s gavel have in store for the U.S. for our Holocaust of 44 million innocent human beings?  Our nation must repent before the horrifying judgment of Almighty God falls on us.  The sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not murder” has not been revoked, and neither has the sanction God legislates for such crimes.  “Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death… So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood, it defileth the land, and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein but by the blood of him that shed it.” (Num.35:30-34).  Do justice, America, or prepare for wrath.

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(June 2003)

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