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The Right Remedy for Education

The Right Remedy for Education

The tireless Federal assault against Christianity continues: a Federal judge capitulated to the ACLU (a.k.a. Anti-Christian Liberties Union) and declared monuments of the Ten Commandments at Adams County high schools to be unconstitutional.  Threatened with arrest, hundreds of citizens obstructed the monuments from destruction by Federal mercenaries Monday, June 9.  However, the Ten Commandments were uprooted by sundown.  Truly, “they have done violence to Thy law” (Zephaniah 3:4). 

The Feds only did in symbol what they have done in substance in every public school the past four decades.  In 1962, school prayer was ruled unconstitutional.  In 1963, Bible teachings were the next to go.  In 1782, however, Congress approved the first publishing of Bibles in the U.S. as “a neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools” and Thomas Jefferson made the Bible a required textbook for every pupil in the D.C. school district, but the priests of the new, official government religion will not let themselves be dissuaded by facts of unrevised American history.

The tenets of the new dogma defy reason: fornication and homosexual acts with a prophylactic are presented as “safe sex”.  Pending condom failure, pregnant students can receive abortifacents (“morning-after pills”) without parental consent.  State-approved scientists declare man to be the product of a purposeless, random collision of molecules.  God’s law has been exchanged for relative morality.  The official religion censors the Bible and persecutes dissent.  Having forsaken the absolute truth of the Holy Bible, the government schools mandate the faith of atheistic humanism.

On Tuesday, President G.W. Bush signed the “No Child Left Behind Act”.  The diagnosis was correct: public school kids are passing school while failing to learn!  We spend more money per student than every other civilized nation, yet we rank at the bottom of the list in reading, math, and science.  But the remedy G.W. proposes is more of the disease: more centralized, Federal control over the education of our youth!  The problem with public education is the Federal government, with its deference to the liberal NEA, with its aversion to Christianity, and with its trespass of the boundaries set by Constitution, which reserves all rights and obligations not explicitly granted to the Federal government “to the states… or to the people” (Bill of Rights, Article X). 

I grieve over the judicial tyranny that spurned democracy in Adams County, that defied the free exercise of Ohioans’ first amendment rights, that blasphemed the foundation of our Republic, the laws of nature and nature’s God.  I mourn for the state’s leaders who let it happen.  I sorrow all the more for the spiritual depravity that Tuesday’s tragic events symbolize.  “Education is useless without God and the Bible,” said George Washington.  I concur.  As for me and my house, we will homeschool.

(June 2003)

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