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Violence in the Heavenlies at ACOG Conference, April 2003
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Violence in the Heavenlies at the ACOG Conference


Many thanks to all of the faithful that contributed prayers, finances, and time to help make this event in New Orleans in April of 2003 more successful than we had ever anticipated.  Thousands of abortionists were reproved, the saints were exhorted to love for the preborn, the lowly and condemned were offered hope, and the airwaves were stirred with holy thunder of rebukes of God’s oracles.  We not only preached to thousands of abortionists and abortion-sympathizers, we preached to fans outside of an NBA basketball game, to thousands at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and to revelers on Bourbon Street.  There was a marvelous unity and camaraderie among the thirty-five-or-so evangelists and abortion protesters who came from eleven different states, as well as the dozen or so local Christians who joined with us in this holy endeavor. 

There were thirteen thousand obstetricians and gynecologists registered for the annual conference of the American College of Ob/Gyns, and according to Dr. De Cook with the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns, twenty percent of those present performed abortions.  That is about 2,500 abortionists under one roof!  If just one abortionist retired as a result of our efforts, then thousands of lives could be saved!  We surrounded every entrance and exit with large photographs of abortion victims.  The Law and Gospel was preached faithfully at every “chief place of concourse” where physicians would walk to and from the convention center to their hotels and restaurants.  We were in the median with megaphones and banners, on the sidewalk distributing thousands of tracts, and even under the awning of the civic center mingling with the physicians waiting for buses. 

The response of the conference attendees was everywhere along the spectrum of possible responses.  We were cursed out incessantly and saw many middle fingers, but we also received many thumbs-up and encouragement from the pro-life Ob/Gyns present. 

Many of us had very productive conversations with abortionists and abortion-sympathizers.  Dan Holman with Missionaries to the Preborn, Iowa, had a particularly exciting twenty-minute conversation with a young abortionist in his early thirties.  After a brief review of the biological facts of the humanity of the preborn child, the abortionist admitted that abortion was murder!  He admitted that he was a murderer!  But he saw no need for repentance nor did he acknowledge his need of a Savior because he didn’t believe in God.  Dan Holman gave a defense of the faith, and the abortionist appeared moved and said that he would consider what Dan was saying. 

We were really concerned with Dan when the abortionist came out the next day looking for Dan, and when told that Dan was a quarter mile away preaching at another spot, he said with a smile on his face, “Well, tell Dan and his wife I said, ‘Hello.’”  What?  An abortionist actually likes Dan Holman?!?  What in the world is going on here!?  Has Dan succumbed to the Jesus-loves-you-just-the-way-you-are-and-would-never-send-you-to-hell-no-matter-what false Gospel that befriends impenitent child-killers?  J  No way!  This demonstrates the truth of the Proverb that when a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.  Glory to God!  Change that abortionist’s heart, dear Jesus!  May Dan’s words echo in his mind and convict him of his need for the salvation that only Jesus can give.

Dan’s wife, Donna, approached a woman who had parallel-parked beside the convention center.  When Donna offered her literature, she responded, “Can God forgive me?”  Apparently, she was convicted of murder after seeing the posters of abortion victims.

“Of course He will!  If you confess your sins, Jesus Christ will forgive you.”  The contrite woman took the literature and read it for some time on the side of the road.  Pray for her salvation.  Truly, the law of God prepares the way for the Gospel just as condemnation prepares the way for pardon, but the sinner must embrace the Savior aborted on the cross for their personal sins in order to receive forgiveness and peace with God.

We had many conversations with physicians who professed to be pro-life, and yet had never spoken up for the preborn nor had opposed the pro-abortion policies of the ACOG.  We exhorted them to love and good works, and many said that they would write the ACOG leadership to oppose their pro-abortion policies.  One physician named Dr. De Cook who manned the booth of the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns said that he had many opportunities to refer to our large signs of abortion victims to expose the evil of abortion.  He was very thankful that we were there.  He informed us that we “were the topic of conversation inside the convention center.”  A few pro-life physicians expressed appreciation for our protest and said that they had opportunities to condemn abortion within some of their meetings.

A lifetime senior ACOG member named Dr. Fitzgerald came up to me on the final day and asked for moral support.

“Why?” I inquired.

“Because I’m going to go give them hell at this meeting,” he said as he held out a ticket to a Bioethics Conference that began in ten minutes.  It was the sole conference for that hour and was sure to have a very large attendance.

“What do you mean?”

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